HELICÓPTEROS DEL MARE NOSTRUM, S.A. is a Helicopter Company set up in 1981.
At the beginning, it operated as a business nature air taxi and external load. Later, and due to market imperatives, it expands its business operation to all kind of aeronautical activities.

Nowadays our company is recognized and properly authorized by the Civil Aviation General Direction (Dirección General de Aviación Civil) as a helicopter Operating Company to carry out air traffic as follows: air taxi, load and mail, oblique photography and advertising, rescue services, sanitary moves, prevention and putting out of forest fires, suspended weight, shooting, pilot school, agricultural and aerial treatments, electrical grids inspections, etc.

We have a maintenance center approved by the Civil Aviation General Direction JAR-145, D.G.A.C.--E-050, subjecting in this way our helicopters to an exhaustive technical control by our aircraft maintenance technical staff, gaining security and effectiveness in our operations.

In the same way, our pilots have a very wide experience in relation to the services rendered by our Company.

HELIMAR has an experience of more than 17,500 flying hours in all kind of aerial works; doing, for instance, 12,800 flying hours in the fire fighting since 1992.

It should be underlined the HELIMAR accident rate, because the number of seriously and slightly injured people, and even the number of deaths has been nil during the course of the years, since its foundation up to now.

We should remark the will of service which HELIMAR staff contributes with, and which are, undoubtedly, its best assets and the full guarantee of security, proved for certain with its career and reached achievements.

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